Portway Yacht Charters

Franchises were established in the UK and in Europe and Turkey which in the early days had fleets comprised mostly of Dufour and Gib Sea yachts. Rhu Marina on the Clyde took an agency selling these yachts and when in 1998 they took a Portway Franchise, Tom Mowat joined them to manage the charter yachts.

The franchise business was wound up in 2001 when most of the companies involved continued to trade under different names but several, including the Clyde base, continued the name but not the Franchise. When in 2005 Rhu marina decided to sell the business it was purchased by Cameron Still and Tom Mowat who have since operated from Kip Marina on the Clyde and Craobh marina 20 miles south of Oban, on the west coast of Scotland.