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The GULLSWEEP is easily mounted on a hard or soft top because there are a wide variety of mounting options available. Gullsweep performs best when it is parallel to the water. The mounts below take seconds to put in place & to remove for storage when your boat is in use.

Your Gullsweep (above) and the mounting options below are sold separately by mail order from OSMboats.

The GS-FM-NS Flex Mount is designed for those situations over canvas where one does not want to put a hole in the boat to locate the Gullsweep. The GS-FM is able to be tied down using the rope loops, without a lot of rope pressure on the canopy. Tough & durable canvas construction, all stainless steel hard ware. Can also be filled with sand which shapes easily over any irregular canvas support members.

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Mill Hill

Lostwithiel, PL 220
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