Ocean Yachts UK

Ocean Yachts UK is the only yacht manufacturer in Greece and is powerfully making its way into the international sailboat market. Ocean Yachts have captured the attention of sailors around the globe. Its Ocean Star 51.2 and 56.1 models have been chartered by thousands of vacationers who attest these boats are solid and steady under the fiercest weather conditions. Hand crafted in the Ocean Yachts boatyard, a few km out of Athens, extra attention is given by each member of the Ocean Yachts team in order to ensure superior standards.

Ocean Yachts continuously strives to construct innovative, high quality and luxurious yachts to meet ever-changing market needs. Their sleek and comfortable designs combined with fittings from renowned brands such as GOIOT, LEWMAR, HARKEN, SPARCRAFT and many others can only classify these sailboats as supreme.