HM Powerboats

HM Powerboats was started because, when we tried to buy a new RIB, we were frustrated at the limited choices and the complete lack of say we had in the way our boat could look. We formed our company, HM Powerboats, on the strict premise that any client wanting to own a new HM Powerboat would have a real say in how their craft would look, feel and perform. We will give you a personal service without reams of policies and procedures to wade through. We agree that you are unique with your own needs and wants and that having to make do with an "off the shelf" option is not always the best choice.

With our hard working and enthusiastic team, who possess the expertise and experience to work closely with you in the design and build of your boat, you are guaranteed a comprehensive and personal service where all elements of design and build from comfort to performance to functionality to safety are considered. This can only mean that you end up with the boat that you want.